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Removing Tonsils And Adenoids

Tonsils Removal

Tonsils and adenoids are glands made of tissue very similar to the lymph nodes found in various parts of the body. Adenoids are located in the roof of the mouth, in the bend where mouth meets the throat, while the tonsils lie on either side of the back of throat.

Adenoids and tonsils both form part of the immune system. In fact, they are the first line of defense against the pathogens you inhale. Although, their role in the immune system is not obvious, it has been proven to keep bacterial attack at bay.

Adenoids and tonsils both are active and functional in the childhood. While adenoids shrink as we age and become drastically small by teenage, tonsils enlarge till you hit puberty. Both are atrophied by adulthood.

At times, bacteria target the adenoids and tonsils themselves, causing them to swell. Swollen tonsils are also called tonsillitis, and are known to be painful. Apart from the pain, patients have trouble swallowing. As can be expected, swelling and infection are more common among children when compared to adults.

On the other hand, swollen adenoids do not cause any pain. The symptoms of this condition included having difficulty in breathing through the nose, frequent ear and throat infection, and persistent snoring when asleep. Sleep apnea is another problem commonly associated with swollen adenoids. Swollen adenoids are not visible without the use of special medical equipment.

When diagnosed with infected and swollen adenoids, doctors would first try to reduce the infection through antibiotics. As we know, antibiotics are effective against bacterial attacks, but fail to show any result when dealing with virus. When the infection persists even after administering antibiotics, the doctor would suggest removing tonsils and adenoids.

Low Oxygen Saturation

Adenoids Removal

Surgically removing tonsils and adenoids relieves the entire issue and eases all the symptoms. Removing tonsils is called tonsillectomy and removing adenoids is called adenoidectomy. Both medical procedures are done under general anesthesia, which means the patient would not be conscious throughout the entire duration of the surgery.

The entire process of removing tonsils and adenoids lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. After surgery, patient is kept under observation for several hours after surgery. Only if the patient suffers from complications like excessive bleeding, severe vomiting or low oxygen saturation does the doctor recommend admitting overnight.

Even though the surgery is simple and risk free; post surgery recovery may take up to ten days. Make sure the patient gets plenty of fluids to drink and is kept on a soft diet.

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Removing Adenoids

Removing Adenoids Completely

Adenoids are a pair of glands that are located at the back of the nose. This is not a necessary gland and removing adenoids will not do any harm to person. As the person grows up, the body will not need the protection of the adenoids. The reason is that the human body will develop an immunity of its own after adolescence. As a result of this, the adenoids glands will become smaller and they will become vestigial. Vestigial organs are those organs that are not necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. An example of this is the vermiform appendix.

Adenoids in children and adults can be infected due to allergies or due to the presence of harmful microorganisms. In these situations, doctors will prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the infection. If they are unable to control the infection with antibiotics, they may suggest removing Adenoids. The process of removing Adenoids is called Adenoidectomy. Removal of adenoids will be suggested only if the infection is not curable with antibiotics. Infections in Adenoids can lead to allergies, repeated ear infections and many more health issues.

Adenoid removal is also done to get rid of snoring. Swollen and infected adenoids can also lead to snoring and other health problems. Snoring in turn can lead to issues like increased blood pressure, stress and many problems. The process of removing Adenoids is explained below in this article. You can read ahead to know more on the procedure of adenoid removal.

Adenoid Removal

Removing Adenoids And Tonsils


This is one of the most common surgical common surgical procedures in US, especially in kids. There can be other reasons for the removal of adenoids apart from infections. Frequent infections of the ear, impaired respiration, and throat pain are some among the other reasons. Adenoidectomy is mostly conducted by giving local anesthesia and on outpatient basis. Adenoidectomy can also be carried out along with tonsillectomy. Tonsillectomy is the removal of tonsils. Removal of adenoids and tonsils at the same time is called as adenotonsillectomy.

As per some of the statistical reports, it is estimated that almost one million citizens in America had undergone Adenoidectomy. Oversized tonsils and adenoids can cause issues to natural and comfortable breathing in kids. This may also lead to sleep apnea, which is a very serious sleep disorder. Adenoidectomy is done with the help of elongated surgical tools. If you wish to know more on the removal of Adenoids, you can consult your local physician.

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Removing Adenoids

         Removing Adenoids Info

Adenoids are a patch of tissue found high in the throat behind the nasal cavity. They are not actually visible. Even doctors have to use special tools/instruments like a small mirror, endoscope etc to see it. They are present in our body from the time we are born, and disappear when we reach our teen age. They play a minor, near-insignificant role in the immune system. The latter because the immune system does not actually need adenoids to function.

Sometimes, these lymphoid glands get enlarged or swollen due to infections. Swollen adenoids can block the normal breathing passages. Nasal breathing becomes difficult because of its location. This is why children with enlarged adenoids tend to breathe through the mouth. Mouth breathing is not particularly healthy and causes problems like snoring and sleep apnea. Other problems or symptoms associated with adenoids enlargement include ear infections, breathing difficulty, swallowing difficulty, fever, snoring, etc. You have to see an ENT specialist if your child is showing the above mentioned symptoms. The ENT doctor will prescribe some antibiotics to be taken orally. But when antibiotics prove ineffective, he may recommend removing adenoids.

Adenoid enlargement or adenoid infections happen most often in children. But that does not mean adults are totally immune. When antibiotic treatment fails, the doctor is left with no other option but removing adenoids surgically.

Adenoidectomy or surgical removal of adenoids is usually an outpatient procedure. But, it has to be performed in the hospital, and general anesthesia should be administered before the operation.

ENT Specialist

       Why Removing Adenoids

When the surgery for removing adenoids is recommended, it is best to get a second opinion about whether it’s warranted or actually necessary. But, the surgery is routine, with minimum risk. Complications may happen, but they’re very rare. One possible risk could be bleeding during or after the surgery. But if it is known there are various ways to control and stop it. It happens very rarely that a patient dies of bleeding. Another possible risk is adverse reaction to the anesthesia administered before the surgery. The likelihood of this happening is 1/10,000, which is very small.

On the plus side, removing adenoids can cure the irritating problems you have been experiencing. Repeated infection can significantly affect your health. Sleep apnea due to enlarged adenoids can be dangerous. Your breathing literally stops for few seconds. Apart from that your breath smells bad, you snore while sleeping, and you may suffer from sore throat. Adenoidectomy can put an end to all these problems.

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Tonsils And Adenoids Removed In Children

Removal Of Tonsils And Adenoids

Tonsils and adenoids play a key part in the defense mechanism of children as they help to fight against the diseases by producing antibodies. However, they need to be removed from your body, if it swells because of continuous throat infections. If they are left untreated, it will lead to several breathing disorders and this makes it necessary to get tonsils and adenoids removed in children. The process for the removal of adenoids is referred to as adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy is the surgery for the removal of adenoids and combining them, the process is referred to as Adenotonsillectomy.

The procedure of Adenotonsillectomy is usually performed under general anesthesia and the patient will be able to leave hospital few hours after the surgery. Now, let’s look at the things that are to be considered before Adenotonsillectomy.

How to prepare

Preparing your child for the removal of adenoids and tonsils is an important phase. Details regarding the day on which you need to get admitted to the hospital can be obtained from your nearby specialist or hospital. Contact your specialist and inform them, if your child is having tonsillitis or cold a week before or during the operation. To give patient more time, it may be necessary to postpone the surgery. Now, let’s look at the basic preparation that you need to consider before getting tonsils and adenoids removed in children.

  • On the day of the admission to the hospital, it is better to take a bath or a small shower.
  • Thoroughly follow the instructions regarding fasting. Generally, it is not advised to eat or drink six hours before the normal anesthesia. It is only needed to skip the breakfast since most of the surgeries in children are scheduled for morning.

    Adenoids And Tonsils

    Adenoids And Tonsil Removal

  • A nurse will explain about the ways in which a child will be cared during the surgery and will perform some common test like checking pulse, temperature, and blood pressure, when you first arrive at the hospital. If the child is using any inhalers or tablets, please give them to the nurse who is treating them. They will give them to the child during the time of treatment.
  • After this, the anesthetic team and the surgeon will also visit your child and you can make use of this time by asking the doubts regarding the surgery.

These are some the basic preparation tips that you should be aware of when getting tonsils and adenoids removed in children.

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Snoring solutions

solutions for snoring

Snoring is a common health condition found in many individuals irrespective of age. It is a condition which if not treated on time can lead to many sleeping disorders and personal issues. Because of such an increase in the number of people who snore, it has lead to the introduction of many snoring solutions, which will help them to get relief from snoring very easily. However, you need t take a little care while going for a treatment method. This is because, there are many reasons responsible for snoring and the snoring remedies vary depending upon these reasons.

How to choose a solution for snoring

Before going for any snoring solutions, it is necessary to consult a doctor to know the exact snoring cause and choose a remedy according to that. This can be accessed in a better way by considering some conditions. For e.g. as a part of initial diagnosis, it is better to check the functioning of your throat and try to keep your nose in correct positions. Based on these results, a snorer can choose a remedy that suits him/her.

Best solutions for snoring

It is very difficult to determine the exact cause for the snoring and there are cases where no treatment method works for you. For e.g. if you have a genetic problem and have a narrow throat by birth, then it is necessary to perform a surgery. Most of the solutions that are available to cure snoring can be performed by sitting at home like exercises, controlling the diet etc.

Besides these snoring solutions, there are also anti-snoring devices available to cure snoring like Anti-snoring pillows, nasal sprays, anti-snoring mouthpieces and mouth guards. These devices will help your air passages to become wide open and will ensure easy flow of air.

snoring remedies

Snoring causes and solutions


Out of the many anti-snoring mouthpieces available, the one that stands out from the rest is SnoreDoc. The main advantage of using this product is the fact that it can be molded according to the shape of the snorer’s mouth and thereby providing a perfect fit. Moreover, the treatment using this device can be carried out by sitting at home by just reading the instruction manual given along with the device. This will help you to save a lot of money and time.

This device is non-toxic and does not cause any harm to the users. Therefore, if you are constantly worried because of snoring issues, then order SnoreDoc today itself. Click here to place your order!

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Removing Adenoids

        Adenoidectomy Is Removing Adenoids

Adenoids and the tonsils are small mass of tissue that is a part of the immune system. They help to fight any infection in the ear, throat and nose of a child. The adenoid glands grow from the age of three and the growth is completed by the age of five. The gland then starts to shrink and vanishes completely when the child becomes a teenager.

The adenoids are present behind the nose and the tonsils are present behind the throat. When this gland becomes swollen due to acute infection, removing adenoids and tonsils will be the best way to treat the adverse effects of the infection. A surgery done to remove adenoids is called adenoidectomy and the surgery to remove tonsils is called tonsillectomy. Adenotonsillectomy is a surgery that removes both. In normal cases, both the glands are removed together. Removing adenoids and tonsils is usually done in children when they suffer from chronic ear pain. However, this surgery is also done in adults.

When the child experiences continual and repeated infection, it is the best treatment to have the tonsils gland removed. The same way, if the child has chronic ear pain and nasal blockage, then it is best to have the adenoid gland removed. There is no better treatment than to have the glands removed, because the nasal congestion that is ongoing and the disrupted nasal breathing are the root causes in this instance. Since the adenoids become enlarged, the child finds it difficult to breathe. Hence, it is best to go for removing adenoids.

Chronic Ear Pain

        Tonsillectomy Is Removing Tonsils

If you opt for hormonal therapy, it might be able to reduce the swelling in the mucus membrane of the nose, but this is no permanent solution. This might ease the breathing in the child but it is not considered an effective treatment. Keeping the child on hormones is never a good idea; physicians say that it is better to remove the gland than take a risk in letting the gland to swell further.

The stage after the surgery of removing adenoids is also important, because the child will be more prone to infection in the recovery phase. The child might nauseate due to the effect of the anesthesia. The child might experience chronic ear pain and sore throat. It important to consume plenty of water since the body is prone to dehydration.

It will take about a week or two to recover completely. Once the pain is reduced, the child can eat normally and can go on with the daily routines.

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Snoring Remedies

Use Snoring Remedies

If you get a sound sleep night after night, you are among the lucky few! Many people lack the same owing to numerous reasons, snoring being prominent among them.

What makes people snore? Well, there are several factors that we need to consider to understand the proper cause of snoring. Snoring is not a disease and hence a vast majority of people are still unaware of the importance of treating snoring problems at the earliest.

It is highly important to know about the perils due to snoring and educate snorers about the after effects of the same. Snoring, if ignored, could finally lead to obstructive sleep apnea, which is a serious health condition. This could be life threatening and is an aftermath of chronic snoring problems.

Snoring is a condition that occurs due to obstruction in the nasal passage. The air that is inhaled will finally hit the soft palate and uvula located at the rear end of the throat and makes them vibrate. This vibration creates the snoring sound that we hear at night.

It is found that obese people are likely to snore when they sleep. They would have more fat accumulation on their throat that obstructs the air and makes them snore when they sleep. Other than obese people, those who have the habit of smoking, those taking alcohol, caffeine and tranquillizers are found to snore when they sleep. All these could loosen their throat tissues and make them vibrate during sleep. Even lying flat will increase the chances of snoring as your lower jaw will drop backwards when you sleep. This will block the airway and finally make you snore.

All these could be prevented using snoring remedies and the different snoring remedies available include nasal strips, chin straps, CPAP machine, nasal sprays and snoring mouthpiece. Among the different snoring remedies, SnoreDoc is considered the best one available today.

Cause Of Snoring

Try Snoring Remedies

Use SnoreDoc

SnoreDoc is a custom moldable mouthpiece that could be molded based on the set of instructions that you get along with your purchase of the same. The instructions are pretty simple to understand. You can submerge the thermoplastic made mouthpiece in boiling water. After allowing it to boil for 2 to 3 minutes, you can take the device out and bite on it hard. This will create a strong imprint on the inner core of the mouthpiece. Use the device before going to bed and regular usage of the mouthpiece for 4 to 6 months will help you get rid of the snoring problem for good.

If you wish to cure snoring using SnoreDoc, you can click here to place the order. SnoreDoc costs only 49.99 dollars plus 5.95 dollars as shipping and handling charges.

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Tonsils And Adenoids Removed In Children

Tonsils Help Fight Infection

The tonsils are a lump of tissue that is present at the back of the throat. Tonsils are a part of the immune system that fights the infections caused by virus and bacteria. These virus and bacteria that causes the infection enter the body through the mouth. The tonsils, in some cases, become self infected while trying to fight infections. The tonsils become swollen, reddish and cause several health issues.

This is when the doctor would suggest to get the tonsils and adenoids removed in children. In rare cases, even adults will have to go through this surgery. As it is with every surgical procedure, problems might develop during or after the surgery, it is important to discuss the pros and cons of the surgery with the surgeon and then decide about going for the surgery.

Things To Do

  • The mayo clinic advises you to visit the doctor in case the tonsillitis prevails and does not get better with any treatment.
  • If you experience severe throat infections regularly, then you might have to think about tonsillectomy. Most importantly, it is ideal to get tonsils and adenoids removed in children when the infection hinders their daily activities. It is better to bear with the pain of the surgery than to suffer from persistent infections. Hence, a surgery is worthwhile. If children experience infection for about seven times or more in a year, or if the kids get infection for more than five times in a year in a two-year period, surgery might be suggested as the only curative measure.


    Adenoids Removal Is Called Adenoidectomy

  • Tonsillectomy is considered as an option when the tonsils become swollen and interrupts the normal breathing in the child. The enlarged tonsils can also cause problems when the child swallows food. Sleeping is also disturbed due to snoring. Hence, when you look at the difficulties caused by the enlarged tonsils, it is better to get them removed. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, swollen tonsils can reduce the quality of sleep and make a person dull and drowsy.
  • In case you have a tumor or cancer in the tonsils, follow exactly what the doctor says and go for tonsillectomy, which will be a necessity.
  • Many factors are to be considered before going for the surgery. You might have reactions to anesthesia or you might experience excessive bleeding. There are chances of the condition becoming more complex after the surgery. The recovery time might be painful and impossible to bear.

The recovery after tonsils and adenoids removed in children may take upto two weeks. However, the recovery period might go up to a month in case of adults.

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What Causes Snoring

         What Causes Snoring In A Person

Snoring is not usually treated as a disease by majority of people. Normally, everyone considers snoring as a simple sleeping habit that cannot be cured. Since they leave this problem untreated, snoring will progress over time and cause Sleep Apnea, which is a condition of sleep cessation. This is a life threatening sleep disorder which needs urgent medical attention and hence it is quite essential to find a proper snoring cure at the earliest.

If you are aware of your snoring habit, then it would be better to consider using suitable snoring cures that could help you to overcome from your snoring problem. Before finding out a proper cure, let us learn more about what causes snoring.

If you are thinking about what causes snoring, then you can definitely find a few causes. One of the major causes is the obstruction in the nasal passage that prevents the smooth flow of inhaled air. This makes it difficult for one to breath. The air finally hits the soft swollen tissues in the throat, making it vibrate. We hear the snoring sound which is the result of this vibration.

But other than that, what causes snoring? Well, you may also snore when you lay flat on your back. Your lower jaw will drop backwards and make you snore when you sleep. This could be avoided by sleeping on your side. Your head can be elevated and this prevents your lower jaw from dropping backwards.

Other than the above, you can stop the different factors like alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, overeating of food, caffeine and others that could make one snore. In addition, you could choose supporting devices that could help prevent your snoring problem. If you wish to have an effective stop snoring device, then SnoreDoc mouthpiece would be the best one available today.

About SnoreDoc

Sleep Cessation

         What Makes One Snore

SnoreDoc is a mouthpiece that is custom moldable. The device is made of thermoplastic material and it is non toxic in nature. You can mold the device without any assistance as you get instructions for molding the same. The instructions are quite simple and easy to follow. After molding the device, allow it to harden and use it before going to bed. Regular usage of SnoreDoc will help you to stop your snoring problem over time. You may secure the mouthpiece in the storage case that you get, along with your purchase.

If you are ready to purchase SnoreDoc, then you can click here to place order for the same. SnoreDoc costs only $49.99, plus shipping and handling charges.

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Adenoid Removal Surgery

Adenoid Removal Surgery

Adenoids and tonsils are the soft glands present in our body that protects us from allergies and infections. However, our body will not require the protection of these lymphatic glands as we grow up. Both adenoids and tonsils will become gradually smaller and absolutely of no use to our body. This is because our body will develop an immunity power of its own and will be able to fight against harmful bacteria and allergies. You can also see that adenoid removal surgery is a common surgical procedure conducted in children. The facts mentioned below will tell you more about adenoidectomy.


There are many problems associated with enlarged and infected adenoids. The patient will have troubles while breathing and there are even chances to develop sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is an intense form of snoring with heavier breathing. Usually, doctors will suggest an adenoid removal surgery or adenoidectomy to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.

The patient will have to be admitted to the hospital a few hours prior to the time of surgery. This is for close observation and to make sure that patient is physically fit for the procedure. Doctors will give general anesthesia before the surgery. They will use specific devises for the adenoid removal surgery. With these special surgical tools, doctors will hold the patient’s mouth open and remove the infected adenoids. The doctors will suggest adenoidectomy only when medications and antibiotics fail to be an effective cure.

Post surgical signs

In most cases, there will be slight bleeding and swelling inside the throat. There is

Medical Surgery

Adenoid Removal Process

absolutely nothing to worry since these are common post-surgical signs associated with the adenoid removal surgery. These symptoms will subside at the earliest and you would not have to worry much about it. Doctors will advise the patients to take adequate rest before they are able to resume their routine activities.

In addition to that, the child will have to be on a soft food diet and drink plenty of water. This is because solids or crunchy food can cause bleeding to the fresh wound. You also have to go to the doctor for frequent medical checkups to make sure that there are minimal post-surgical complications.

Are you planning to conduct the medical surgery for your kid and get the infected adenoids removed? Then the above-mentioned tips will help you to face the surgery without any stress.

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